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Neal was name after Neal Diamond because of the diamond on his forehead. Neal is the son of the late Anna, who was rescued from the killer sale. Neal has been in the family the longest, he was born 18 years ago. He spent most of his adult life with a family member who is autistic. Recently he came back to his original home to study being a therapy horse. Neal has always been charming and very handsome. He is gentle and loves to be brushed and groomed. But the one thing Nelson loves the most, is he loves to eat. I guess this is because he is such a big boy. He stands 16 hands tall and is very stocky. He is a great size for any big riders.

Some time back Neal lost the vision in his left eye. He does well in trusting the guidance of the rider or those who lead him. At one time Neal was at the top of the herd. He made the rules and said what goes. But due to his disability Neal has fallen to the second-to-the-last of the pecking order. It saddens him to think how the other horse treat him just because he's blind in one eye. Neal's best friend is Della. They do well together watching each other's backs against the bullies of the herd. Neal loves and respects small children and is eager to give them a ride. Neal is counting the days to when he can serve those who need him.


Dillon is solid black and stands a little under 15 hands. He's been in the family for 12 years. Dillon is the bully of the herd. He's also the leader of the herd. That is until there's something scary, and then he'll allow one of the other horses to step forward and take care of the situation. He reminds me of the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz. He'll nervously chomp at his bit and step aside to permit a lower ranked horse to take on the mysterious obstacle that's in his path. It can be quite comical.

Dillon is a very good riding horse. He responds well to directions and rides as smooth as a Cadillac. The one thing Dillon loves is his control over the other horses, and the one thing he hates is being caught. He's leery of human presence. I believe this is a result of a rough childhood. His prior owner's training methods were crude and old school, and he's never forgiven the human race for these offenses. Once Dillon is caught he surrenders all, whether it's for grooming or a trail ride with the boys. Dillon does not know what to think of the whole therapy thing. He's not even sure if he wants to participate. He may stay right at home and take care of things there.


What handsome guy. Pooka is about 10 years old. He's gentle and stands at 14.5 hands. He's been with the family for about 5 years. Pooka was 5 years old before a saddle was even put on his back. He responds very well to the whole idea of someone sitting on his back and telling him what to do. Pooka was Dillon’s right hand man until recently, when Mom separated the two. Since then Pooka is struggling to find his position in the herd. He's been arguing back and forth with the new guy Slim. Time will only tell what position he'll take on the totem pole.

Pooka has been in strict training to become a therapy horse. Pooka has learned the bad habit of not wanting to be caught from Dillon. So part of his training regiment has been dragging a long rope behind him. This is so he can be caught easily. He doesn't care much for the idea, but he's slowly seeing that it really is not all that bad being contained by those humans. Pooka has been asked what he thinks about being a therapy horse. He states that it would be very cool to help others, and feels with a little more training he would be a fine employee for Horse Feathers TLC. He's currently negotiating the terms, and things are looking very promising.

Billy Boy

Billy Boy, Billy Boy, do you want some cherry pie, Billy Boy. That's sung to Billy Boy all the time. Sometimes he'll say ENOUGH ALREADY. Billy has been in the family for almost 2 years. He's 2 inches short of being a horse, so this means he is a pony. Billy likes us to refer to him as a very large pony. He isn't only different in size but his skills as well. Billy pulls a cart, something that none of the other family members do. When Billy Boy was bought he had just lost his brother Jim. They worked as a team pulling a wagon for there master. But since there was no longer a team Billy Boy had to look for a new home. So that's how he came to live with us. Billy pulls his cart very well.

While Billy was growing up he was never asked to wear one of those things called a saddle. At first he didn't care for the whole idea, but he's coming around very well to this new way of thinking. Billy was at first very grumpy, but as time passes the healing of his brother’s loss continues. Billy Boy doesn't care much about were he ranks among the boys. He'll stand his ground, but he generally doesn't pick a fight. He just wants everyone to get along. Billy is a fun ride for a child or an adult. He's been practicing his skills under the saddle and working very hard to be the best of the best.

Slim Pickins

What a personality. This guy is so friendly and curious, I wouldn't be surprised to see him sitting at the kitchen table. Slim was bought by his past owner for $10 at an auction. When she realized she didn't have the means to care for slim properly she gave him up for adoption. When he came to live with us he was several hundred pounds under weight and that's how he got the name Slim Pickins. Slim is a two year old who is 1 inch short of being a horse. This doesn't worry him much because he knows he still has a lot of growing to do.

Slim is the new kid on the block and has been demonstrating his youth and strength and working hard to be one of the top commanders in the herd. As he becomes stronger and wiser I see slim being the commander in chief. Slim has tried the saddle on and didn't mind it at all. He's also been working on leading and his manners. He's not being pushed too much in getting him under the saddle. He's still young and needs this time to get strong. Slim has great potential for becoming a good therapy horse, but knows that he must be patient and learn the skills it takes to become a great therapy horse.